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Looking for a stable & foldable mobility scooter?

Meet the 3Scooter! With inbuilt active stabilisation technology, the 3Scooter will keep you level over bumps, in turns and across drop curbs.

We believe our technology can transform lives. We're not just another scooter brand - we're a team of innovators, collaborators, and makers, dedicated to creating the best possible mobility solutions for our customers. 

Image of the 3Scooter unfolded
Picture of the 3scooter semi folded
Picture of the 3scooter fully folded

Safer. Lighter. Higher.

Looks different to a traditional mobility scooter. Behaves differently too.

Our patented EverLevel® stabilisation technology has been developed and tested over 5 years to address the problem of mobility scooters tipping over. Lightweight and easily folded one-handed, the 3Scooter transforms the experience of living with a scooter. Making life easier for those who find walking difficult.

Safety at the heart of every scooter

EverLevel® stabilisation technology ensures you are perfectly balanced over uneven ground, cambers and in tight turns. Allowing you to concentrate on the day ahead, not the obstacles in your path.

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Lightweight, foldable and easy to handle

Weighing under 20kg the 3Scooter is exceptionally light. It folds in 10 seconds, is easy to lift and transport in the boots of most small cars. As a 3-wheel scooter it is ideal for indoor use where space is often tight. Its inbuilt EverLevel® stability technology ensures superior, safe manoeuvrability outdoors too.

Adjust your height to your needs

The 3Scooter is the only lightweight mobility scooter on the market that sits you closer to standing height. Carry on your conversations at eye level, access your work surface and be seen behind parked cars easily.

Image of a person who is a member of the Supersmith community on a test ride

Developed with you. Made by us.

The 3Scooter is designed to be a beautiful product with cutting edge technology to make your journeys effortless.

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